Our Customers Testimonials

Dear Toni,
We would like to say a huge thank you to you and your family for our gorgeous boy Famous. It’s amazing what delight our small bundle of fluff has brought to our home. He has immediately become another family member with his bold, happy and extrovert personality. He gives love and licks to everyone he meets and they all want to take him home with them! Toni is an amazing breeder whose love, care and passion for the Maltese is second-to-none, and after the first meeting with her at her home we immediately paid a deposit for the next litter available, and we couldn’t be happier. You can’t go wrong with one of these home- socialized pups and we would highly recommend them to anyone wanting a small breed dog. I have waited my whole life for a puppy and I certainly think the wait was worth our little Famous.

Louise Sue Anderson

Hello Toni
We first saw our puppy at the age of 4 weeks, and knew straight away that he was the ‘one’. Merlin is now 5 months old and is an absolute treasure. Already toilet trained and very affectionate. Since being the proud owner of such a beautiful boy I haven’t yet seen another Maltese that can compare, he is a real credit to Toni and I highly recommend her family reared puppies to anyone who wants a companion. My partner said if I got a puppy he was moving out, now he says he’s moving out with the puppy. Thanks again Toni we love Merlin heaps.

Kris Wellington

Thanks for giving us the opportunity of having Valentine, our little bundle of joy. He’s just turned 12 weeks old, such a wonderful new member of our family. We’ve only had him for 3½ weeks but we feel like we wouldn’t be without him. A healthy and energetic puppy; who flew down to Christchurch on Air New Zealand in his own voyager crate with many helpful information, treats and puppy toys. Dealing with you has been a pleasurable experience, and thank you for your assistance, and we hope all the best to you, your family and your future puppies.

Sophia Allan

I just wanted to give you an update with my little Aspen. He is now 5 months and a week old he weighs about 3.1 lbs. I followed your advice very strictly about giving his vaccine shot one at a time because of his small size. He is so gorgeous that every time I take him out for a short walk a lot of people would give me compliments of how cute my puppy is. He just finished his puppy class and he is very obedient, sociable and very very affectionate. He is very good with his potty training, he goes to the pooch pad almost 90%. I cannot tell you how happy I am and very satisfied with my purchase from you. Thank you very much.”  

Lorcelli G

“I recently had the privilege of babysitting for “Lilly”, the maltese acquired from you. I just wanted to tell you that she is one exceptional little angel.  I had a Maltese for 18 years who still is the love of my life.  Although, I have to say that Lilly sure did tug at those heart strings that no dog has been able to tug at since losing mine.  You guys do an absolutely wonderful job at what you do.  Lilly’s disposition was just amazing to me.” –

Chris G Debbie



Everything went Perfect!  I am so IN LOVE!!!  He is absolutely adorable!  He is the sweetest calmest little guy, sleeps all night, goes on the Wee Wee pads. You are Awesome Breeders, and I can tell he came from a home surrounded by nothing but LOVE!  Thanks so much!”  – 

Annette P Greenwood

Thank you so much for Molly, she has fitted right in with our family and the kids just adore her. The continuous updates and photos of Molly from the time she was born until we took her home were just wonderful and really helped with us bonding with her.
Thank you again, it has been a real pleasure,

Mary Hart

          “I must tell you that these puppies are the delight of our life. They are both the most loving dogs that we have ever owned.  I have followed your excellent instructions from the beginning, both dogs are extremely healthy and neither one has any idea what table food is.”    


 “I am just writing to let you know Chloe is the best puppy ever! I have had family members come from Jersey just because they heard about Chloe. She is the family star!! Everyone that comes to your site needs to know what special dogs you have sooooo happy I found you and chose you as my breeder. I took her to get groomed and they were in love. People always talk about how small and adorable she is.

Thanks a trillion and God Bless


Bella will be 3 in Feb. We love her to death. She is the best dog we have ever had. She was easy to housebreak. Has learned many tricks and loves to GO anywhere we can take her. She loves our girls and they are all great with her. I could go on about how much she is a part of our family, but I just really wanted you to know how much she means to us. Thank You for having such high standards with your breeding. God Bless You and your family

Delores R.